Trifecta offers three editors to edit three levels of your manuscript.


Level 1: Content and Developmental 

Level 2: Line and Copy

Level 3: Proofread


Up to 80K manuscript: $1400.00

Over 80K manuscript pricing will be discussed.

Sample Edits $50 nonrefundable for one chapter review. Applied to cost for edit.


The concept for Trifecta was born after many discussions with editors, authors and readers. 


Trifecta stands for the first three finishers in the correct order. The Trifecta model uses three different editors to edit one manuscript.


Level 1:  Content and development

Level 2: Line and copy

Level 3: Proofread 


Three editors. Three levels of editing. One price. One schedule. 


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Fill in the form below, including your manuscript information and when you'd like to schedule. Please keep in mind, the Trifecta calendar can sometimes schedule a few months out. We'll consult the time available and contact you ASAP to discuss possible editing dates.

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